What is Pentafecta or Super Hi-5 Bet

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Understanding Horse Racing Super Hi-5s or the Super High Five Bet

Once you have mastered win, place and show bets on the Kentucky Derby, you can play with more challenging exotic wagers like a Super Hi-5 (also referred to as the Pentafecta bet at times).

What is a Super Hi-5 or Pentafecta bet in horse racing?

You need to correctly select the horses who will be the first five to cross the finish line first. If you pick them in the exact right order: you win!


What is the minimum stake on an Super Hi-5 bet?

The minimum stake is usually $.50 for a Super High Five or Pentafecta bet.  Online Super Hi-5 bets have the same minimum stake as betting Super Hi-5s at the track.

How much can I win on an Super Hi-5 bet?

Winnings are unlimited and are determined by the pari-mutuel system where all the winning tickets share the pool of money collected (less the money the track takes as commission). But if you hit the Super hi-5 against some very long odds, it can be a potentially life-altering win. For example, if you had wagered $1 and correctly picked the Super Hi-5/Pentafecta in the 2014 Kentucky Derby… 

… The Super Hi-5 payoff would have been an almost unbelievable $149,764.70. A winning Super Hi-5 Bet from last year’s Derby would have generated almost a 150,000-1 payout with the favorite California Chrome finishing in 1st, the longshot Commanding Curve coming in 2nd, and the 8-1 dark horse Danza finishing 3rd, Wicked Strong coming in 4th, and Samraat rounding out the top 5.

What is a boxed Super Hi-5 bet?

You still need to select the first 5 horses in the correct order, but by boxing your selections, they can finish in any combination. This also allows you to pick multiple runners.

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